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Detecting strokes. Early.

Alva Health is establishing the standard of care in remote stroke monitoring

Early stroke detection and treatment is essential for better patient outcomes

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When a stroke occurs, Time is Brain.

Yet 90% of stroke victims do not get medical care in a timely manner.

Growing problem for aging US households

1 in 3 US adults have at least one stroke risk factor, and 700,000 will suffer an ischemic stroke each year

Loss of Independence

More than 50% of stroke survivors are chronically disabled and require specialized care

Avoidable healthcare spend

US healthcare system spends over $53B annually on long hospital stays, treatment, rehab and lost productivity

A major indicator of stroke is the sudden onset of disability that affects only one side of the body. 
But symptoms can be subtle, assessments are subjective, and patients may be too disabled to call 911 until it's too late.

Our patented wearables work around the clock to detect signatures indicative of stroke, and immediately connect users with emergency responders.

Because every minute counts.


Alva Health is a Yale University technology spinout, founded by a team of stroke experts, PhD scientists, and engineers with the vision to revolutionize stroke care and the skills to build, validate and commercialize game-changing neurotechnologies.

MBA, Yale School of Management

PhD, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

BA, Cornell University

Division Chief, Yale Neurocritical Care and 

Emergency Neurology

MD, University of Pennsylvania

BA, Johns Hopkins University

Associate Professor, Yale Neurology

PhD, University of Michigan

MSEE, University of Michigan

BSEE, University of Michigan


Schock Prize of Mathematics

National Medal of Science

VP Corporate Development, DeFibTech

a Nihon Kohden Company

Director of Stroke Research

Clinical Institute for Research and Innovation

Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center




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Dallas, TX

325 N St Paul Street

Suite 2040 

Dallas, TX 75201

New Haven, CT

157 Church Street

19th Floor

New Haven, CT 06510


+1 469-436-5148

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